Fall Bass Fishing Best 5 Tips and Techniques

Fall Bass Fishing

It is that time of year, the water temperature is dropping, the leaves are starting to drop and it is time for Fall Bass fishing. We are going to look at my five favorite types of fall bass fishing lures and baits and how to fish with each.

I love fall bass fishing for two reasons. First, the bass are moving back up into shallow water to start fattening up for the winter. Second, many avid bass anglers are gettng ready for hunting season and are not out fishing like the rest of the year. I no longer hunt, so it is a great time for me to catch some great bass. 

Here are my favorite Fall bass fishing baits and lures, in no particular order. It all depends on when and where you are fishing.

Fall Bass Fishing Topwater Lures

The topwater bite jumps to another level when fall arrives. A good topwater explosion gets the blood boiling and many times, the fish in the boat. While there are a lot of different topwater lures, I have two favorites that I fish.

Rotating Tail Plopper

As you start to see the weeds regress, it is time to grab and tie on the Codaicen Fishing Rotating Tail Plopper bait. This is my favorite Topwater bait during the early morning hours. When you start to see the bait fish breaking the surface it won’t be long before you start seeing the feeding bass breaking the surface as well. These are very easy to fish, all you need to do is cast it out in the open water and reel it in. I usually try to hug the edge of the weeds, or in larger open holes surrounded by the weeds.

Fall bass fishing

I like these better than the old buzz baits (also great topwater baits) because I can stop these and give three or four quick turns of the reel and stop once again. This will mimic  an injured bait fish. The nice part about the rotating tail plopper is when the fish explodes on this bait they are usually hooked. These are great baits for reaction hits.

Topwater Weedless Frog

Fall bass fishing

My second favorite topwater is the Codaicen Soft weedless frog. Codaicen Fishing is a new Veteran owned and operated tackle company, selling exclusively on Amazon and their own website, CodaicenFishing.com. I like most of their baits and lures and use them often.

The soft frog is great, up in the weeds, because the hooks are wrapped around the top of the very soft frog body making them weedless and sharp. With the soft frog body the hooks are exposed when this bass hit this making it a little easier to set the hook. I believe the weedless frog is the hardest hook to set. You will do better setting the hook, if you can wait a spit second, after the explosion, before you try to set it. Hard to control your reaction for even that short of time. Our fishing intuition tells us to set the hook the now, when we see the bass break water. Personally, if I can get a 60% hook set with the weedless frog I am happy.

fishing intuition

The Codaicen Frog does a great job as you walk it back to the boat. I clip about 1/4 inch off of one side of the tail and it walks better yet. Slowly walk it throught he weeds or lilly pads and continue walking it after you are past the weeds for at least five to 10 feet in open water. You will be surprised how many bass will follow it, out of the weeds, and smash it in open water.

Some other topwater baits: the buzz bait, poppers, floating jerk baits (we will discuss in a bit). Of course, there are so many variations of each of these topwater baits that it’s hard to decide which is best for fall bass fishing. Use your fishing intuition and plenty of practice throwing the different baits.

Fall Bass Fishing Shallow Crank Baits

Crank baits are a bass fishing staple throughout the year and catch a lot of bass. However, as the bass move up into shallower water in the Fall you will want to use cranks that work better in shallow water. I like the square bill cranks because they don’t drop as quickly and can be controlled by your reeling speed. I will flip them up around the docks and up against the seawalls. They work great bouncing off the rocks and sandy bottoms and entice the bass to hit. The ones I use (Codaicen Fishing) float and have vibrating balls in them. Because they float, I can fish them a little shallower and fish them similar to jerk baits. I’ll give them three or four quick jerks, them let them stop for a split second and do it again. Other times, I just reel them in changing the speed until I know how fast the bass wants them.

Fall Bass Fishing Jerk Baits

During the early Spring and Fall bass fishing, jerk baits are used often. My first experience using these kinds of baits was at least 40 years ago. The Rapala floating 5.2 inch jerk bait with three trebel hooks was my go to lure for years and I caught a ton of bass with it. I use a lot of different jerk baits, as I have learned more about the bass and what they hit on at different times of the year and water temperature. I also use a little shorter jerk bait, about 4 inches and still catch a bunch. I tend to fish with either white or green jerk baits.

Regardless of the jerk bait I am using, I throw it out in open water or larger holes surrounded by weeds and let it sit for a second then give it three or four slow jerks then let it sit and repeat. Easy to use if you can pinpoint your cast. So, practice, practice, practice.

Fall Bass Fishing Lipless Crank Baits

The lipless crank bait has been around for ages and is great for Fall bass fishing. Maybe the Rat-L-trap is the most well known and is used by many anglers. They are extremly easy to use. Cast them out and reel them in. It doesn’t hurt to give it a twitch or two as you reel it in.  The only hard part is choosing the correct colors and size. You will have to do your research on the body of water you are fishing. What is the common baitfish colors? What color is your water?

Fall Bass Fishing Soft Plastic Baits

Finally, I use a lot of soft plastics all year long. I usually hang out the 5″ soft stick bait in the wacky style with a nail weight in the head. This is commonly called a Neko Rig, but I just call it a wacky rig with a nail weight. However, when Fall bass fishing begins I switch over to a creature style soft plastic for flipping up into the brush piles or down trees and limbs. The image to the right shows how I set these up. 

Flipping bait

In Conclusion

Remember the water is beginning to turn over and cool down, the leaves are falling and the lilly pads and weed beds are beginning to regress. Finally, Fall bass fishing is upon us. get your Fall gear ready and go and hit the water. Tight Lines.

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