A Typical Morning Bass Fishing

morning bass fishing

Without fail, every Friday I head out and do some morning bass fishing. I’m usually home by 11:00 AM and I start doing all the other stuff I need to get done. Well, today is Friday and I loaded up my Ranger bass boat and drove the 5 minutes to the launch and put in about 7:30AM. Yes, I got a late start. We have about 20 decent boat launches within 5 – 20 minutes of my house and they are all on decent lakes, bayous or the river. Here is my typical morning bass fishing routine.

Uncover the Boat and Hook Up the Truck

I have a 2002, 16 foot Ranger, Cherokee bass boat with a 60 horse Mercury four and I love it! It is big enough for the areas I fish in and I can get into shallow waters when the bass are feeding up close. I usually make sure the batteries are charged up the night before. I have a pretty decent cover on the boat and it is easy to remove and put back on.

Before I go any further I need to say that you do not need a fancy bass boat to catch a lot of bass. I started with a canoe, then an old 14 foot aluminum beater boat with a 3 hp Evenrude, then an old 1982 Monarch bass boat with a 25 horse Evenrude that ran when it felt like it. The Ranger I bought from a close friend for a song and dance (not literally, according to my wife I can’t sing or dance). 

Once the boat is hooked up, I double check that all chains, lights and other stuff I’m ready to go. I then check and make sure I have all my fishing gear and it is all set ready to go once the boat is floating.

Launch the Boat

This Friday I decided to fish closer to home and went to our closest launch 5 minutes away. 10 minutes to drop the boat in the water after checking out that the drain was in, motor support was off (I launched one time and forgot to remove the support– it’s no fun trying to remove it from the dock) and lights unhooked. I make sure that the strap holding my 8 rods is loose and the rods are ready to fish. The trolling motor is ready to go down and then I park the truck and jump aboard.

Begin Morning Bass Fishing

Morning bass fishing

Since I am fishing solo this morning and in a small bayou, I won’t even lower the Merc until much later in the morning. So I jump in the boat, push off from the dock and lower the trolling motor. My first spot is only 50 feet from the launch and I’ll throw my wacky, Neko rig from the launch past the my first spot. I have caught three to four bass from this spot the past 3 times I’ve fished it and this morning NADA. However, about 20 feet past my spot to the lily pads, BOOM! my first boated bass! Three casts later the second is boated. Both were small but I see some panfish in a nice looking hole. So I sat at the edge of the lily pads and fished for gills for about 15 minutes and caught enough for my wifey and me to eat.

When I pulled in my last bluegill I saw a couple bass break the surface to my left and about 50 yards away. So I used my fishing intuition, grabbed my rod with my topwater, Codaicen Rotating Tail Plopper and headed that way. Second cast and the most exciting time when morning bass fishing happened. BOOM! The explosion of a 2.82 lb bass attacking a topwater bait. Then another 15″ bass boated after he broke water for the plopper. Then I had something huge break water for the rotating tail plopper two feet from the boat and again 1 foot fromt he boat. My assumption that it was most likley a northern pike.

Fall bass fishing
morning bass fishing

As I continued fishing I switched to my soft plastic weedless frog to throw up in the pads and other weeds surrounding the 20 yards of open water that I just fished with the plopper. On the 4th cast a 15 incher choked down the frog. I gotta tell you that there is nothing sweeter than a topwater smash. 

I fished around the little point from there and then started up the Merc and ran over to the launch so I could use the outhouse. What can I say, sometimes the pee bucket is not good enough. Once done, I headed the other direction and fished some docks using a Crawfish Crank Bait. Picked off one almost keeper and then head back to the launch.

Load the Boat and Head Home

Once back to the launch I loaded the boat, pulled it out and walked around it twice making sure every thing was ready to go. I like to make sure I’ve got the boat loaded and tied down, even if I’m only 5 minutes away from home. Once home, the boat unhooked and plugged in to charge the batteries, it was time to clean the panfish. All the bass were released to be caught again. This morning bass fishing trip was a great morning using my fishing intuition to know which bait to use and when.

morning bass fishing

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