8 Mistakes Anglers Make

mistakes anglers make

Fishing is a great way to relax and unwind after a hard day at the office. However, there are many simple mistakes anglers make that will catch you off guard and can cost you a lot of fish.

Most anglers love to catch fish. When fishing, there are many simple angler mistakes made that can turn a great day of fishing into a nightmare. With a little preparation, you can minimize these mistakes and make your next fishing trip a fun and rewarding experience.

In this article, we are going to take a look at 8 simple mistakes anglers make all the time when fishing.

Don’t Fish With An Old Hook

This so simple mistake anglers make is a nemesis of mine. At the beginning of this year, I hooked a good size bass. I was excited because all I had caught up to that time were dinks. This large bass was putting up a great fight when all of the sudden he/she was long gone. When I reeled in my line all I found was the curly end with no hook. My knot had come loose. If only I had retied my line I would have boated a decent fish. Make sure your hooks are sharp and will penetrate the fish’s lip.

It is one of the most abused problems in fishing. Make sure you retie and change your old hooks.

Don’t Fish With Old Line

For several years I never changed my fishing line. The reason was because I was not doing much fishing. I had moved to an area of the country and job where I did not have time or good fishing areas to wet a line. When I moved home it was finally time to hit the lake. My line was no doubt 5 or 6 years old so I figured I should change it before I went out. Unfortunately, I had an opportunity to fish before I had a chance to get to the tackle shop. My second cast the line broke and I lost an $8 lure. I guess that’s better than loosing an $8 lure and a fish.

Make sure you change your line, at the very least, every year prior to hitting the water.

Don’t Fish At the Wrong Time

This can be a difficult topic to figure out. Let’s face it fish can and do bite all day long, sometimes. On the other hand, I believe more fish are caught int he early morning and evening hours when they begin hunting for food. Of course, weather has a play into things, as does water temperatures. If you keep some type of journal when you fish, you will eventually be able to know when to fish your particular waters.

Don’t Fish Where the Fish Aren’t

I know most of you are thinking, “Duh” of course you don’t fish where the fish arn’t. You would be surprised how many people do just that. You don’t need a fish finder to find fish, although it can help. All you need to d is learn where the fish hang out in the different times and seasons of the year.When fish are o their beds they are usually closer to shore and them move out deeper when they are done hanging around their beds. Most fish want some cover to hide in so they can ambush their future meal. It is up to you figure out your specific fishing waters and where the fish are goin to be congregating.

Don’t Forget to Use the Correct Bait

Topwater Baits

When I go out for panfish I try to bring both red worms and wax worms just in case. Sometimes you cn kill em on worms and other times they snatch up the wax worms. Sometimes, when I fish with my brother he’ll bring red worms and I’ll have the wax worms. Depending what the bite on will depend what we finish up with.

When it comes to sport fish, Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye and others, there are a lot of variables you will need to know in order to choose the correct lure to toss. Sometimes it just takes some trial and error to finally find the one they are hitting on that day.

Don’t Get Caught In Status Quo

If you are anything like me, you head to your hot spots first. However, sometimes we spend all of our time at them, even if we are not catching fish. Don’t spend forever not catching, move on. I was out bass fishing the other day and hitting the docks and shoreline cover. So I was moving constantly. Another guy was out fishing for panfish and I noticed he moved at least four times as I made my way around the bayou. We pulled the boats out at the same time and had a nice conversation about fishing. I had caught some nice bass and he had a couple dozen panfish. He said, in order to catch enough he had to move a half a dozen times.

Don’t be afraid to move to another location if the bite disappears at your current location.

Don’t Make A Lot of Noise While Fishing

Even though fish do not have ears, they can feel and sense vibrations. So when you are rumaging in your boat for that bait or bucket or even your net, they can feel your vibrations. Obviously, they get a little skittish when they feel the vibs you make. I’m not saying don’t talk or move around when you are fishing, just don’t do it in a loud way.

Don’t Bring Bananas On the boat

There is an old myth that says bringing bananas on the fishing boat is bad luck. Aparrently, this is an old myth that leaves you, not only fish less, but can also cause your boat to have major problems or worse yet, cause you to fall overboard.

Don’t bring bananas on your fishing trip.

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