5 Best Bass Bait to Catch More Bass

best bass bait

If you love to bass fish, then you might want to consider buying a best bass bait or maybe a few of them. There are many different types of baits available on the market, so make sure that you know what the best bass bait is. The article below will help you figure out what types of lures would make the best bass baits. There is nothing better than having the correct lures ready for a big catch. That’s why it is important to find good quality lures that are affordable. These five best bass baits are described below and in later articles we will explain how they should be used.

We all will eventually have a “go to” bait that we use more than any other. I’ll begin with my “go to” bait soft plastics.

Soft Plastics to Catch More Bass

tossed the worm out in front of me, let the fish grab the worm, and set the hook. Obviously, I have learned a lot since those early days 60 years ago. With bass, you don’t need some sort of fancy bait. In fact, I think most of the super fancy, new style baits are made to attract the angler more than the fish. Here are four of the most popular and effective ways to set-up the soft stick worm.

The Carolina rig — Using your favorite size worm hook, hook the soft stick worm in the head and slide the hook down and then twist to set the point of the hook back into the worm. tie the hook onto an 6 -12 inch leader topped with a swivel, bead and weight. This gets the worm to the bottom quickly but also lets it wiggle off the bottom. When you give it a swift jerk it falls back down with a nice wiggle, enticing the bass to hit it hard.

Carolina rig

The Texas rig — There are basically two ways to hook up the Texas rig. Weightless and weighted. The only difference is the weighted rig has a sinker attached to the line right above the hook. Again use your favorite size worm hook hooked the same as the Carolina rig. basically the only difference is that there is not a leader on the Texas rig.

The Wacky rig — The soft stick worm is hooked, with a weedless offset hook, through the center or slightly off center. The wacky rig is weightless and works great when tossed as close to the shoreline as possible. It is becoming one of the most used ways to fish the soft stck worm. Unfortunately, the soft stick worm can be very fragile and can tear easily. Which is why I like to use the Codaicen Fishing wacky worm kit to rig my baits. The wacky tool puts on  a small o-ring saving the worm from tearing as quickly.

Wacky Rig

The Neko Rig — This is my “go to” way to catch one bass after another. The Neko rig is simply the wacky rig with a nail weight in the head of the worm. While the straight up wacky rig falls back and forth slowly, the Neko rig falls straight down a little bit quicker. This allows the tail to wiggle as it goes down and as you give it small jerks to bring it up to drop again.

I like to use tungsten nail weights but lead ones will work and even a small screw will work.

Crank Baits to Catch More Bass

Square bill cranks are usually a shallow depth, 0-4 foot or medium depth, 5-9 feet. I really like the square bill crank bait and catch a lot of bass with them. The are great around rip rap, sea walls and just out a couple of feet from the weed edges.

Deep diving cranks dive between 10-15 feet and are great for deeper water and along a drop off. I don’t use deep divers because the areas I fish are on the shallower side of things.

Very deep diving crank baits go down 16 – 20 plus feet and are great for trolling those deep lakes.

There is also the lipless crank bait. This is usually a skinny bait with no lip and is used by many successful bass anglers.

Know your waters and which type will work best for you to entice those bass to hit.

Crank Baits

Jerk Baits to Catch More Bass

There are many styles of jerk baits. I personally like the floating jerks but also use the submersible jerk baits when the weeds have either not taken over yet or are dying off. The best time to use the jerk bait is early Spring and late Fall. At one time, the jerk bait was my “go to” bass lure. Then I learned the wacky worm neko style and found my new “go to”. I still use the jerks when the time is right and still catch a lot of fish.

Spinner Baits to Catch More Bass

The spinner bait is a round or oblong object that spins as it moves under the surface of the water. The spinning motion keeps the bass interested in the bait. Spinner baits are usually less expensive than crank baits or topwater baits and they catch a lot of bass every year. They come in many different colors and style and they get the job done.

Spinner Baits

Topwater Baits to Catch More Bass

I love fishing with topwater baits. The explosion when even a small bass hits the surface gets the blood boiling and the heart beating as you set the hook. There are three key topwater lures that make up the best bass bait. First is the most common called the Buzz bait which is a spinner bait that is meant to be kept running along the surface. The bait is called a buzz bait because it makes sound as it buzzes along the surface.

Second, is the soft rubber weedless frog. These are great when the weeds are think in late Spring and Summer months. Just throw it up in the weeds or lily pads and walk it back to the boat or shore. Get ready to set the hook but wait for a second or two before you do or you’ll come back bass less. Thirdly is perhaps a newer style called the rotating tail plopper (Whopper Plopper) works much like the buzz bait as the tail rotates and makes a plopping sound attracting the bass to hit. 

Topwater Baits

When it comes to the weedless frogs, I exclusively use the Codaicen Skirted frogs. I have caught quite a few decent Bass on them.

Codaicen Fishing is a new up and coming online tackle company. They sell on Amazon and their own website at www.Codaicenfishing.com

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Best Bass Bait Conclusion

In conclusion, the key to bass fishing is bait. It’s also important to find the best bassf bait. Different types of bait attract different types of fish. You want to find the type of bait that you like. That’s why we have so many different types of bass baits to choose from. They all catch bass, but they catch them in different ways. Some are spinnerbaits, others are jerk baits, crank baits, soft stick worms and so on. There are so many different types of baits and different types of bass, but there is only one way to catch them all: practice. And if you want to catch more bass, practice more! In other words, get out there and fish.

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