Best 4 Key Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

Bass fishing tips and techniques

It’s easy to get lost in the details when you’re out on the water.  So it’s important to keep your skills sharp. These Key Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques will help you catch more Bass.

As many of us know, bass fishing isn’t always easy. Sometimes, even the best of techniques can fail. However, there are some key bass fishing tips and techniques that can help turn around your next cast. So, in this post, I’m going to share 4 of the best bass fishing tips and techniques you can use to catch more bass.

These are all basic things we need to continue to put into practice. I was watching the PGA golf tournament last Sunday and the winner spent the evening before the final round on the putting green. When he was asked why, he said, “I needed to get back to the basics.” All he did was practice the basics of putting so he could put them into practice during the match. You know what they say about the game of golf, “You drive for show and putt for dough.”

Cover, Cover, Cover, Bass Love Cover

Bottom line is that if you cannot find the bass you won’t catch them. Makes sense doesn’t it? No doubt bass swim out in open water and you can catch them but cover is your friend. Cover can be anything a bass can hide themselves in. Weed beds, weed edges, lily pads, docks and boats (be careful around these because not all owners like to hear baits hit their boats) rip rap and drop offs are all good places to throw your baits. Basically anywhere a bass can set themselves up to ambush their dinner. You might want to flip or pitch plastic tipped jigs up near the shore right into the brush piles or fallen tree trunks and limbs.

Bass Can be Finicky, Use A Variety of Baits

A bass fishing lure is a simple thing just a bait. But, there are thousands of different kinds of baits out there, each with different characteristics that help entice fish to take the bait. Of course, some of the baits are set up to catch the angler rather than the bass. So, in order to keep your bass happy, don’t limit yourself to a single type of lure. I know we all have our “go to” bait, we think, is always going to land us a big one. My “go to” is the 5″ soft stick worm wacky rigged. I have caught more fish on this bait than any other. I like the Codaicen Fishing Wacky Rig Tool Kit, comes complete with weedless hooks, rigging tool, o-rings and 6 soft worms in various colors. They are a new up and coming tackle company selling on Amazon and their website,

However, we should also experiment with a variety of baits until you find the one that catches  the bass in your area. Depending on the time of year you might use a crank bait, jerkbaits, jigs or spinner baits. Certain times of the year topwater baits like weedless rubber frogs, rotating tail ploppers and buzz baits do great. And there is nothing like a topwater explosion, to get your blood boiling, as the bass break water attacking the bait.

Know Your Natural Elements For Bass Fishing

Weather Conditions and Water Temperature Can Hinder or Help You Catch Bass. I live on the shores of Lake Michigan and fish the tributary rivers and bayous of the big lake. When the lake turns over in temperature the bass begin to move up the river along with many other kinds of fish. These bass fill the river and bayous with bass as they come up to feed prior to the cold season. They are getting ready to be under the ice for a while. Fall fishing for bass in Michigan usually improves.

Water temperature changes the movement and feeding habits of bass. When the water is a bit cooler throw a slow bait in front of their face and hold on. The summer heat brings out the faster spinner baits and topwater baits. I just boated a three pounder on an 80 degree August day using a Codaicen Fishing Topwater Rotating Plopper. Caught a couple more on that day with a wacky worm under the docks.

bass fishing tips and techniques

I don’t particularly like fishing in a lot of wind. However, it might just be one of the best times to catch bass. The water gets a little riled up and the bass follow suit. I just get a little heavier and larger swimbait or jig out and start casting into the wind if necessary. The big ones are waiting to eat.

Don’t Give Up When Bass Fishing

I personally think this might be one of the most important Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques to put into practice. I have a bass boat and it can go fairly fast when I want to get to my favorite fishing spots. However, once I am there I stay and fish it out. I see other anglers throw their baits for a few minutes and off they go speeding to the next spot. I usually get 80% of the bass I catch within 50 to 100 feet of each other. In other words, I fish a spot out before I move on. I mentioned my “go to” bait above. I will throw this bait throughout the fishing spot I’m at and then come back around the area with a different bait to make sure I didn’t miss one or two. The three pounder I mentioned above was caught on the come back trip after I had caught two decent bass on the wacky rig on the first pass. Be persistent and fish your spot out before flying off to the next spot.

Practice These Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

In order to become the best bass angler possible, you must practice the art of patience. Make sure you get these basic, key Bass fishing tips and techniques down pat and you will catch more bass. Bass fishing is a sport that requires patience, knowledge, and practice. However, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort by applying the basics, you can make it a fun activity that brings you great rewards. All the nuances of bass fishing will come in time as you catch fish. was founded in August 2022. Yes, we are new and upcoming. However, we have been fishing for over 60 years and have caught both freshwater and saltwater fish. In freshwater we have caught everything from panfish to Muskellunge. In saltwater we have caught ocean perch to sharks. is reader supported, some products displayed may earn us an affiliate commission if you purchase through our links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.